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Bolo is a 25-year-old network building/deathmatch game about storming small islands with tanks and then building gigantic bases to keep other tanks out. It’s a wonderful classic of the multiplayer screw-around base-build genre and has gone unappreciated in the last couple decades, especially due to it having one of the first really active modding communities. 20 years on there’s still nothing exactly like it.

Most of the custom maps, AIs and mods for bolo were hosted on anonymous school FTPs which disappeared into the ether around the time of the dotcom boom. Because data archival is very important I mirrored all of it and have now crammed it into a tiny disk image for the internet at large to screw around with. The 5MB disk image currently loading below probably contains the most Bolo by volume currently available on the internet. Unfortunately since PCE doesn’t currently support appletalk, netplay is currently impossible, but you can still play around with bots and watch them do their thing (usually bumrushing straight into a pillbox and dying).

Bolo is wonderful. Bolo is life. Bolo is love. It’s time for bolo. If you want a slightly more modern version (featuring COLOR!) check out the WinBolo project for a nice portable version that runs on all major OSes.

Original PCE code by Hampa Hug. WebASM PCE port by JamesFriend with minor compatibility fixes by bucketmouse. Bolo was originally written by Stuart Cheshire.